search marketing solutions 2ubeYouTube is in the news this week for their re-designed “One Channel” layout. They claim the reasons are to help their users:

  1. Get more subscribers
  2. Get more channel visits
  3. Make mobile and app views of your channel better

We’re sure this is true, but we think there’s more at work here. We suspect these continued changes are being driven by – and will GREATLY HELP – your Google AuthorRank. This is good news.

Our recommendation is to do precisely what Google (and YouTube) say you should do. And do it quickly. You’ll be ahead of those who wait. We’ve seen noticeable changes in ranking in our laboratory for those websites who are fast to react to these changes.

Just in case you’re doubting how important this all is…

  • Google is the #1 search engine by far.
  • They own YouTube, the #2 search engine.
  • YouTube is crushing both Bing and Yahoo on search requests.
  • YouTube has 153 million unique viewers – 100,000,000 more than Facebook.
  • Video is the most-consumed content online.
  • Google and YouTube are the unchallenged gate-keepers between you and your prospects.

Solutions for marketing folks who want to rank on the YouTube search engine

At ion Leap Labs, we’re constantly experimenting with search marketing solutions to get our clients in front of their prospects on the web. Take a look at some of our own key phrases in searches via YouTube. (Translation: we can help you achieve the same)

“Keyphrase” / Ranking on YouTube

“NJ Ad Agency” / 5 videos on page 1
“Search Marketing Solutions” / 2 videos on page 1
“Blog Writer” / 1 video on page 1
“B2B Marketing Solutions” / 7 videos on page 1
“Consumer Marketing solutions” / 4 videos on page 1
A secret experimental key phrase from our ion Leap labs / 11 videos on page 1

How do we do it?

First and foremost, we make really good videos! Now, with Google AuthorRank, your video content will contribute to your website’s ranking on key phrases. If your video content is weak, you won’t get the +1’s, and they won’t rank in search requests. This will become far more important than links. The old rules still apply. Mainly:

  1. Name your YouTube videos with key phrases that matter to you.
  2. Put a link to an appropriate landing page of your website in the text of the video’s descriptive copy.
  3. Drop the key phrase in the copy once as well.
  4. Craft the wording of your descriptive copy really well. Some people read before they launch your video.
  5. Keep viewers watching your ENTIRE video and not dropping off like most do. More on that At This Link.
  6. Cross-sell your other videos using annotations. Read More Here.

In our ion Leap Laboratory, we’ve gotten as many as 11 YouTube videos we created on page 1 for particular search phrases. That leaves fewer places for your competitors. See our YouTube channel At This Link.

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