There’s a two second test to see if your content marketing agency is on top of their game. Check the background designs of their YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

If your content marketing agency is on the ball, then they’re keeping up with the changes demanded by social media pages. These pages require constant work. The Internet isn’t a parking lot.

The image above, at left, is a YouTube feature image that has not been changed as of tonight at 12:30 a.m., even though they should have changed it a long time ago.

What you’re seeing is a pattern YouTube puts up as a default. Twitter has their default image as well. It’s the one in the middle. Like YouTube, it’s in a grey theme.

Google+ has a more colorful one – shown at right; a paper theme. Even though it’s colorful, it screams “Not paying attention.”

Make sure your content marketing agency is up to speed on the continual changes required by social media for your business.

You can check to see if we’re on top of our game at our YouTube channel by clicking here.

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