Because content marketing seems like a lot of work, many companies are avoiding it altogether. They’re missing out on one of the best sources of verifiable business building in the history of marketing.

No wonder you think content marketing is a lot of work. It is.

Content creation using:

  • Blog writing
  • Video production
  • Online radio shows
  • Vine
  • Photography / art

Then marketing that content via:

  • Linkedin
  • Linkedin Groups
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Digg
  • Stumbleupon
  • Pinterest
  • Guest blogging
  • Reddit
  • Flickr

According to some experts, your company should be pumping out two blog posts a week, and several videos a month. Each of those needs repeated exposure to your social media followers. Speaking of your followers, it takes ongoing work to continue to build those in each social property.

In a pinch, put up interesting pics

Rather than wade into writing a lengthy blog post, find some great pics. This one is from Digital Bus Stop. They’ve got a ton of great animated gifs. Better yet, create your own.

  • Show off the human side of what it is your company does.
  • Put up a funny graphic
  • Show off something nice your company is doing to benefit others

Use your social channels in new and interesting ways

Our ion Leap Facebook page exists purely to show off our staff’s obsessions. It’s a great way to show what our people find interesting and, therefore, their real personalities. We’ve got foodies, tech geeks, animal lovers, etc. We’ve turned our Facebook site into the ultimate “About Us” page. In so doing, we’ve taken away the need to invent something new every time we post on Facebook. We’ve made it easier and more fun all at once.

Content marketing videos don’t need to be difficult or expensive

For our clients, we often use interviews filmed on Flip Video cameras and edited in iMovie. We intersperse a few stock clips from and publish them to YouTube. Then we get busy promoting them.

An even easier way is to use still clips like the video you see here. A low cost piece of stock music from is playing in the background. We filmed the last scene using a Flip Video camera.

Film in batches so you have a library of footage

We regularly schedule batches of interviews with our clients’ thought leaders. That way, we’ve got a ton of footage from which to edit. We can then create a 3 minute video of one person, or we can edit clips from several different people together to create a montage on a particular subject.

Start small, and work at it regularly

Trying to tackle all of the above at once is a recipe for disappointment. At ion Leap, we recommend that you either hire us or start out small on your own – one blog post every 2 weeks, and market that post via just a few of the more critical social media.

Whatever you do, avoid a strict editorial calendar. You’ll miss a date, beat yourself up for it, and end up giving up for long periods of time.

Short blog posts and videos are okay too. They’re easier to do and sometimes just as effective. Great ideas can usually be expressed in shorter blog posts and videos.

On that note, I’m ending this blog post and will get busy marketing it via all our social channels.

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