search marketing solutionsAre there too many links pointed at your website? If you’ve been using an “old school” SEO company, then it’s a question you should be worried about.

Google’s Penguin update back in April 2012 was likely not the end of the search giant’s punishment of linking scams. Even after this update, I’ve heard that some SEO companies are still pointing unnatural links at client websites. Low quality links can have a negative effect on your website’s ranking in search results.

There’s a simple way to tell if your website has too many “unnatural” links pointed at it. Do a Google Search for this phrase –

Up will pop all the websites pointing links at you. If it’s out of control, then consider undoing many of them. Use Google and Bing’s Disavow links tools to clear them out. Both are in the search engines’ Webmaster Tools. It’s a slow and painful process, but worth the effort.

Study the kind of links pointing at you

It’s useful to go website by website and look at the way they’ve pointed a link at you. If it was done using anchor text, you should be concerned. Anchor text links use a desirable key phrase as the link. They were a neat trick a few years ago. Even Google liked them. Now they’ve changed course and give it zero value. If there are too many websites pointing at you with anchor text links, then Google might view this as artificial. If you’ve really abused this, you can get penalized in the search results.

The real solution to search marketing success is great content

The real way to get ranked higher in search engines is to post great content that others want to share with their readers using natural links.

At ion Leap, we help clients get ranked higher using great content –

  • Blog and article writing
  • Video production
  • Online radio
  • Eye-catching graphics

These are creative content solutions that lead others to point links at your website, and that leads to search marketing ranking the natural way.

Learn more about our approach to search marketing solutions by clicking here. (See that? It’s a natural link.)

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