Vine is the newest and hottest app to take the social media world by storm. Just released in January 2013, Vine thus far has only really caught on for social media junkies and random creatives that love a new venue for social innovation and the wow-factor.

With the simplicity of its parent company, Twitter, Vine allows you to easily create six-second stop motion videos and instantly share them across social media.

Vine for Your Business?

While some hip brands have caught on to Vine, it has not spread like wildfire yet. In order to really capitalize on the cool-factor, the key is to figure out how Vine might work for you before everyone else in your category does.

Some great ways to use Vine for business might be:

  • Short and casual testimonials
  • Interesting video product shots
  • Behind the scenes look into your corporate office, factory, or warehouse
  • Featuring different employees who could be the “face” of your company on social media
  • Highlighting the random things about your company that make it yours (from your impeccable customer service to the weekly bet that decides who buys Friday lunch)

Should your business be on Vine?

If your company, products, or messages can at all be displayed visually, Vine may be right for you. It is low (or no) cost, simple and timely, and it is an easy way for you to stand out creatively among the other companies in your category.

I often feel that social media posts are a little too precious these days. While all companies need to maintain a voice on social media, they are also allowed to have a little fun and become approachable to consumers. Vine is a great opportunity for this.

The videos cannot be edited once they are filmed – which might sound like a nightmare to some companies – but we think it’s a great opportunity! Like all social media messages, if driven by strategy and voice, this is a chance to be a little creative and accessible – and get away from all that perfectly crafted business-ese for once.

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