To err is human. Study shows it will make your blog writing more memorable too.

blog writer infamyTurns out that micro-editing your social posts could be perfecting them into oblivion. A recent study on the memorability of social posts found that unidentified Facebook posts were 1.5 times more memorable than sentences from books. source

Researchers theorize that humans are primed to be more receptive to colloquial, non-professional writing with errors, grammar inaccuracies, and cadences that mimic speech. Our brains are wired to identify and remember language that will connect us better with real people.

Even in a workplace setting, you forge real relationships through more personal conversations and side-stories than with uber professional and perfectly crafted emails.

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So the blog post that took Bob from the product team 2 weeks to write and the marketing team another week to edit? Well, your readers probably not only don’t remember what it was about, turns out they probably don’t even remember reading it!  We like to call this blog amnesia. And the only cure is to drop the false perfection act.

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the memorable. Get your social content out quickly and don’t over-edit. Encourage your blog writer to leave in some grammar boo-boos. A first or second draft that’s accurate on product info but maybe isn’t the most clever turn of a phrase, or (heaven forbid) is written in the passive voice, is going to connect your brand with your audience in the way that really hits home, whether they realize it or not.

If the target audience has clicked to read your blog, social post or email, they’ve already shown an interest in who or what you are. Don’t blow it by being perfectly forgettable. Like your mom told you, just be yourself and people will like you. Or at least they’ll remember you.

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