social media for your businessMany businesses’ first reaction to using social media like Facebook for marketing is to think, “Since only teenagers and moms use it to share vacation photos, why would I need it for a B2B technology company?” That’s where you’re wrong.

Although it’s important for your business to keep a social media presence for a point of contact with consumers, Facebook Ads are a lot more than they’re cracked up to be.

In both instances below, highly targeted PPC ads were used on Facebook to gain “likes” or clicks to the client’s website with huge success.

Aimed at attracting a new audience

In this first example (below) we were aiming for Facebook page likes. We created this client’s Facebook page, so we were starting with 0 likes. We ran a highly targeted campaign, aiming it only at those who had self-selected as being in our target audience. The results were staggering. We gained 395 new high-quality likes in just 3 days. See the screenshot below from Facebook Insights.

social media for business
That’s a huge number of highly-specific targets that we now market to with every Facebook post we put up.

Aimed at a landing page

In the second example of PPC success (below), we aimed the ads toward a page on the client’s website to drive traffic and capture leads. The chart below from Google Analytics shows a huge jump in highly-targeted traffic to our client’s form-based landing page. This peak (during the exact duration that the ad ran) can be attributed directly to the paid Facebook ad.

social media for business

These results were for a technology target, proving that with the right landing pages and ad messaging, Facebook ads can come from behind to be a major performer in lead generation.

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