Social Media for BusinessThere are two different schools of thought on branding. One is that a signature color, style, or logo is the “brand” and that’s all you need. The other is that a brand is meant to have a true personality. You can interact with the brand and feel like you are communicating with someone you know.

Here at ion Leap, we’ve always believed that brands from every category should be accessible and personable. Heck, just take a look at our company Facebook page. It’s all about us!

Our view is that no matter what you do or sell, your company is made up of individuals. When a customer comes into your store or calls you to perform a service, they will be in contact with a person. Consumers should be able to relate to your brand on a personal level in order to differentiate you from the rest.

However, a recent social media post comparing two businesses – one with each style of branding – has made me question whether every brand needs a personality.

Almost everything that I believe in marketing comes down to relating to a consumer on a personal level because that’s what I want in a brand. However, some luxury brands thrive off giving the consumer the feeling of unattainability. Consumers strive to attain something from that brand because it gives off the illusion of exclusivity.

Also, the increasing online engagement between brands and consumers could make having no personality outside of a brand style very difficult. People do love to interact with their favorite brands, but does a dynamic and engaging social media presence for a high-end brand make it too attainable?

So, the question remains, should all brands have a personality? Who’s to say? Maybe a company’s personality can be the sheer void of personality (which does work for some brands). However, with the increasing presence of social media for business, companies should be thinking more and more about an online strategy that stays in line with their brand personality, or lack thereof.

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