We’ve just finished a series of meetings with prospective clients who all started out thinking content marketing is difficult, expensive, and time consuming. We’re here to tell you it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Did you ever see the PBS series by Ken Burns? He used a technique of slow zooms on old photographs, all artfully woven together with incredible music and a great voice over. You might think this technique would lead to a boring video. Instead, the result is riveting. Here, one of the many chapters.

Here’s the Ken Burns technique used on a Superbowl 2013 commercial for Dodge Ram Trucks. It’s a brilliant and moving commercial.

Here’s a simple video we created for our client, Raritan Computer. We had two Flip Video cameras on site, used natural lighting from a big window, and then interspersed stock video footage and a stock music track.  If you contact us, we’ll tell you how we created that animated opening graphic at no additional cost.

Who says you have to turn a camera on? Here’s a great video promoting a book called “Just My Type.”  As you might guess, it uses all type. This one would cost  more money because it’s using some sort of animation software between the frames.

ion Leap is a content marketing agency that creates inventive, memorable videos, blog posts, online radio, and much more.

Wonderful content is the proven way to draw prospective customers to your website. Let us show you how.

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