blog writing burnout“Doctor, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Every time I think about going to my own website I start to get hives. My eyes start to blur when I see the RSS feed icon. And there’s a date on my calendar with a ‘B’ circled on it that makes me break out in a sweat.”

You have all the signs of blog writer burnout

Let us remind you why you have a blog:

  1. Blogging correctly (with key phrases) will help new prospects find you
  2. Making regular updates keeps Google crawling your website for new information (helping your rank)
  3. Blog posts give you something new to market via social media
  4. Great content keeps prospects coming back regularly

Why companies fail at blogging:

  1. They invent the need to adhere to a rigid editorial calendar
  2. They lean on the same poor souls to write most of their content, burning them out
  3. They beat themselves to death trying to make every post flawless
  4. They don’t have fun at it

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A less painful way to get your thought leadership onto your website

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