NJ Ad AgencyGoogle+ and Google Authorship are arguably the most important changes to hit content marketing since the invention of the hyperlink. So one would expect the NJ ad agency technorati to be leading the way.

A quick sampling of New Jersey’s ad agencies shows a mixed reception for Google+

In a search for the phrase “NJ Ad Agency,” and by thoroughly investigating each website that showed up…

(One of those is ion Leap)   We were floored! Google AuthorRank was widely announced back in the Fall of 2012. The urgency is now clear. So what’s holding agencies back? I have some theories.

Inflexible website architecture?

Every time something new comes along in social media, I thank my lucky stars we built our website on the WordPress platform. Our setup was extremely easy. We’ve launched all our writers into it and they’re already getting valuable AuthorRank for themselves and the companies for whom we write.

If you’ve got an inflexible architecture, you can always do it the hard way. We’ve already deployed direct code onto certain websites we manage and it works fine. You can even launch hard code into old versions of WordPress.

Tired of new social media?

The timing of Google+ didn’t help. When they came along, we were all getting exhausted with new social media. Plus, the benefits weren’t clear. Well, they’re certainly clear now.

Even if you’re tired of social media, you’d better embrace your AuthorRank and get busy managing your Google+ account.

Fast follower?

Often, more traditional ad agencies are fast followers of SEO and content marketing companies. Once a new media or technique is proven to be critical, they embrace the change. Lucky for all companies, the acceptance and use of Google Authorship is still slow among non-tech companies. There’s still time to get in and start building your AuthorRank.

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