With last week’s release of Snapchat videos, anyone out there doing content marketing and still ignoring where this is going will have some catching up to do.

Right now, most of these apps are purely for eye candy. But there are some serious ones as well. I’ve been researching apps that help you get more out of your film clips.

By far, my favorite is Action Movie FX. It’s adictive.


Film Genie is a little basic, but could have uses for businesses.

Film Genie Introduction from Bobby C on Vimeo.


CinemaFX for Video could come in very useful for business communication. It gives me a lot of ideas. The one below, for instance. If your company was founded in the early 1900s, imagine how easy it will be to get a corporate video put together touting your experience.
Click here to see more examples.


Paper Camera is way cool. Turns video into cartoon / drawn effect and bakes it in real-time. It’s got a LOT of options.

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