B2B marketing solutionsI’ve been working in B2B marketing since I was a pup. Over the years I’ve seen the challenges that marketing directors face in businesses from forklift manufacturing to data center infrastructure management software.

Manufacturing or Marketing? – Early on, all companies make a basic decision. Will they attract their prospects from marketing? Or does the company have an “if we build it, they will come” approach? The difficulty for marketing directors in companies with the second approach is when their company still wants some sort of marketing.
The solution: positive metrics proving ROI. When you can prove it works, marketing becomes a profit center vs a cost center.

Tightening budgets – The economic downturn has constrained the budgets of many B2B companies over the last few years. While future economic trends are looking better, we’re still seeing signs of conservative spending. The problem for marketing directors is managing effective marketing with shrinking budgets.
The solution: Cutting under-performing tactics. Several of our clients have cut trade shows altogether. Others have eliminated print. They are demanding positive metrics and ROI.

Fragmented media – Companies love web marketing’s ability to generate reliable and measurable metrics, so many marketing directors are leaning towards Internet efforts. And yet, some companies do still get good sales from print, direct mail, and other traditional media. It’s a lot to manage with an ever-shrinking marketing budget and staff.
The solution: Use those metrics and focus money into the media that work. Measure and adjust quarterly.

One of the challenges is making sure you’re giving a marketing vehicle or idea enough time to measure it correctly.

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