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Although all social media platforms, in theory, serve the same purpose for brands connecting with consumers and potential consumers, different posts belong on different social media sites. For example, you wouldn’t update your brand’s Facebook 5 times a day to keep followers updated on a trade show, the same way you wouldn’t post a long-winded article on Twitter expecting major interaction with your following.

Twitter is for short blasts of information that you want your following to see, but you don’t necessarily expect much feedback. People peruse their “newsfeed”, but rarely take the time to respond to tweets. However, the most useful feature of Twitter is the “Retweet” feature. Say your company has 200 followers but you tweet something original, funny, or just generally noteworthy and get “Retweeted” by an organization with 3,000 followers. You are then exposed to 3,000 more people, hopefully building your following and social media credibility.

Unlike Twitter, Facebook should be updated only a few times per day (at most) and should be content with which you expect some interaction. It is much more intuitive for users to “like” or “comment” on Facebook than on Twitter. Facebook users do not want their Newsfeeds clogged up with company updates, whereas you could post on Twitter 10 times a day, and not necessarily even be on a users’ radar because a tweet gets pushed down the Newsfeed very quickly, sometimes in a matter of seconds.

See more about our unique approach to social media for business at this link.

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