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The committee who decided the artist to receive the commission for the statue David overlooked Leonardo da Vinci to award the job to a 26 year old unknown, Michelangelo.

It took Michelangelo over 2 years to complete his masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture, David.  After completion, it took a large team of laborers four days to move it half a mile from the workshop to the Piazza della Signoria.

2 years + 4 days = Still Not Perfect

After all that, the statue is not perfect. Many of the proportions are wrong. For instance, the stature is unusually thin when viewed from the side. The head and right hand are disproportionately large. The stone itself was a poor choice for such an important commission – marble from the Fantiscritti quarries which is known to deteriorate faster due to small microscopic holes in the stone.

Sorry Michelangelo.

While perfection is the goal, it’s still subjective

We see a lot of companies struggling to post perfection. When this leads to delays in putting up content, then they’re actually hurting their opportunity to help their Google ranking. This in turn hurts their chances of getting in front of prospects doing Google searches.

We’re a content marketing agency who believes the quality of rapid delivery must also be factored into the assessment of content writing. Extremely-good + fast often beats out perfection + two-year-delivery.

One of our favorite quotes is from General George S. Patton, hero of World War II.
“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.”

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