Cycling is a sport that’s surrounded by logos. In this photo I count eleven. One of them is ours. The placement of our logo is on some of the most valued real estate on the team jersey.

From the Lab: Getting the most from sponsorship.

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Sponsoring sporting events can be expensive. And often, the sponsor gets little or no return on that investment. If you’re like many of our clients, you can’t even think about sponsoring even part of a NASCAR racing car, or a full team. But there are ways to use sponsorship marketing and still achieve ROI.

Go Local

We sponsor the Liberty Cycle Club in New Jersey. But this isn’t just any cycling club. Look at the sprint finish of the NJ State Masters race below. There were over 4 Liberty riders in or near the front of the sprint.

If you’re going to sponsor a local team, make sure you’ll still get visibility for your branding. Sponsor a team that gets press.

Study the photo. In a sprint, the racers tuck down low for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. There are only a few logos visible in this position. We got that position on the jersey.

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Here’s the secret to sponsorship. Don’t just hand the team the money. Get to know them on a personal level.

  1. Spend time with them.
  2. If possible, participate. If it’s little league, be an assistant coach. At ion Leap, we actually belong to the club and ride with them. While you won’t see any ion Leap folks this close to the front of a sprint finish, we’re a part of the club and have made many friends there.
  3. Show up at their events and cheer them on.
  4. Find other ways to help. We’re a NJ ad agency, so we do the marketing for team events.

As a result of your friendship with the team, they’ll take care of your brand. You’ll get a prominent placement.

The track photo at the top of this blog post is Greg Cordasco at the 2012 World Velodrome Championships in Manchester, England.  He carried our logo to prominence with a personal record time, and in the top ten in the 50-54 2k Individual Pursuit. This year he’s carried the ion Leap brand to over ten 1st place, 2nd place, or 3rd place finishes in velodrome, road, and criterium races. And that’s just Greg’s performances.

The Liberty Cycle team has over 15 riders who regularly place in the top 5 of races all over the state, and in regional and national championships. And our ion Leap logo is there in the front with them.

If you’d like to sponsor Liberty Cycle, contact us. We won’t give up our position on the jersey, but there are other great positions to get your brand seen.

Learn more about sponsorship from ion Leap, the NJ ad agency with a very different approach to marketing.

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