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Marketing directors know content marketing is important. It’s all the rage now. But many companies fail at content marketing because:

  • They don’t fully understand how to make it achieve ROI
  • Their thought leaders don’t have the time or inclination
  • The work required exhausts their top people

At ion Leap, we’ve pioneered a way of making content marketing easier. It’s so simple and effective that we’re not going to post it here for fear others may steal the idea; but we’ll talk about the issue a bit more.

First, content marketing can be expensive – If you’re a B2B company, chances are you’re in a complex industry – for instance, software for engineering applications. That’s complex. So you can’t really find an outside blog writer to write regular, high-value blog postings. If you can, it’s so complex that the blog writer will have to be expensive. You don’t want junk on your prospect-facing blog; so your ROI will be reduced.

Second, content marketing is time consuming – Your thought leaders are of more immediate value to you when they’re in front of your prospects; not when they’re behind a keyboard. Those who can write often find themselves burdened with it. We see this time and again, especially in the tight economic climate. The blog deadlines keep getting missed.

Third, not all your thought leaders can write – Being brilliant doesn’t always translate to being a brilliant writer. So some of your best ideas will never make it to your website, unless…

We’re a content marketing agency with a unique way to solve all of the above and achieve high ROI from your website efforts. If you’re ready to work the web with high-value content, contact us.

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