Stephanie's NJ Ad Agency experienceCan we sum up our summer intern Stephanie’s time at our NJ ad agency using only the amount of data she created? Not even close; but it’s a good indication of how busy we were, and how valued she was.

By Stephanie Gross

Today was the Closing Ceremony for my summer internship at a NJ ad agency. After transferring the final documents over from my laptop to the agency’s backup drive, it was announced that I had 49 mgs to represent my first shot at Jersey’s ad agency Olympic lifestyle. I think that should translate to be at least a silver medal.

Even though I can now delete the excel sheets, conference reports, and tweet-storms that filled up my computer and represented my summer, I am leaving with so much more than I came in with.

In May this New Jersey ad agency took me under their wing with the little knowledge I had, and introduced me to the world of SEO, content marketing, social media, blogging, print advertising, file organizing, brand building, and coffee drinking. From simple email etiquette to large campaigns, NJ agency ion Leap broke down each step of the many processes ad agencies go through, readily explained every detail of every project, and included me in all important business decisions and brainstorming meetings. Some of the main things I got to do were:

  • Learn in-depth about different companies and their goals
  • Manage Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts
  • Lots of metrics tracking
  • Create a method for and encourage hour logging
  • Write and edit blog posts
  • Watch the cool things my boss did

Four months, 49 mgs, and a million questions later I learned more than I ever expected. I’m looking forward to continuing my career in advertising in New Jersey next summer and who knows – maybe by this time next year I’ll even win the gold medal in digital data storage.

Learn more about NJ ad agency ion Leap by clicking here.

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