If you’re considering hiring a NJ ad agency, it’s very important that you understand what their specialty has been in years gone by.

While the Internet has forced ad agencies to embrace digital, zebras don’t change their stripes. If your goal is to hire a social media ad agency, then your candidates had better come from that background.

Lots of companies market themselves as social media experts. But social media hasn’t been around that long. So chances are your NJ ad agency is coming from either a traditional advertising print background, design, or PR background. And that’s where their true expertise is.

Knowing the NJ ad agency’s background is absolutely critical

We encourage clients to look for one particular type of background experience when choosing a NJ ad agency:  strategic marketing.

If your NJ ad agency is not from a strategic marketing background, then they’re merely tactical. And if they’re only tactical, then they will always revert to their past.

Being from a strategic marketing orientation, ion Leap is far more flexible. Every clients problem is unique. Every client deserves a unique, media-agnostic approach.

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