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Currently, ion Leap blog writers are reading about computational fluid dynamics, online ad networks, gluten free foods, data convergence, data center power consumption, and aphasia. As you might guess, none of these subjects have made the New York Times bestseller list recently. But we find these subjects riveting.

For every sentence our blog writers write, they probably read 500 sentences – not just because they’re learning about new subjects. At ion Leap, our blog writer teams are curious about business and about life. We believe that’s why they’re such good writers. And why content marketing from ion Leap is so successful.

Finding a new slant at old subjects

Just today, I was trying to come up with a new blog post on a subject I had written about many times before. While I was reading a newspaper article on a completely different subject, I found something that sparked an idea. That’s how inspiration happens. That’s the value of reading a great deal on a very wide range of subjects.

Before you hire a content marketing firm, ask them what they’re reading. If the answer is a 500 page volume on medieval horsemanship, don’t immediately assume it’s of no value to your business. You might be surprised how it will inspire your blog writer to create something brilliant for your content marketing.

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