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There must be a statistic somewhere on on how many people, or rather how few, actually enjoy writing. For those who don’t, being asked to write content for your corporate blog is something akin to torture.

Companies who understand the value of thought leadership content marketing sometimes manage to cobble together a small band of intrepid folks who regularly meet their writing deadlines. But, by building that team based on who is willing and able to write, you might be missing something.

Does your writing team fully reflect your companies thought leadership?

If the voice of a company is dominated by internal people who are prolific writers, then they dominate the voice of your company and can even give a skewed view.

We have ways of making you talk

At ion Leap, we’ve invented some very interesting ways to extract content from those in your company who are thought leaders, but don’t necessarily have the time or the willingness to sit and write it down. This will give your prospective customers a much more complete view of your company. Contact us to find out more about this process.

The steady drumbeat of thought leadership content marketing

We have clients all over the country with whom we’ve partnered to continuously publish a steady stream of engaging and entertaining content. This is an important concept. Our client is actively engaged in the publishing process with us. Even an outsourced content marketing company can’t do all of this on their own. The thought leaders reside inside your company, and their ideas must be extracted in an ongoing way. That’s why ion Leap works as a member of your marketing team.

As we get the team moving, and your internal people see all the fun content going up, they’ll begin to look for opportunities to contribute.

If it sounds daunting, then go short

If all this writing sounds like it’s going to become your full-time job, then write shorter postings on your blog. Thought leadership content does not have to be long to be good. But it does have to be good. Sometimes, when time is tight, we will post a video which we’ve put together quickly, with a brief written description of it. Other times, we post content that gives prospects a sense of the fun side of your company.

At ion Leap, we’ve turned the idea of a content marketing agency into more of a marketing partner, pulling the core thought leadership ideas out of your best people. Learn more >

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