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The idea of using content as a marketing method isn’t new, but the phrase is.

Wikipedia describes it as an umbrella phrase that covers any content shared with the goal of engaging existing or new customers.

Wow, that’s a very big umbrella. That covers just about everything that’s done in marketing –

  • Webinars
  • Direct Mail
  • White papers
  • blogs
  • Videos
  • email newsletters
  • print newsletters
  • etc.
  • etc.

With such a broad definition, it’s no wonder that everyone and their dog is beginning to use the phrase Content Marketing Agency. The question is, how do you, the marketer, tell them apart?

We’ve got a quick way to classify content marketing agencies. Ask their backgrounds.

If you find out a content marketing agency is staffed with former PR professionals, you can bet they’ll lead with their strength – carefully crafted long-form writing.

If they were video or film people in their last life, guess what. They’ll lead with video content.

Now, you must know by now that I’m biased. But in my opinion, the best content marketing agencies to work with were ad agency folks in their last lifetime. The kind that worked on both B2B and consumer marketing, and did everything from commercials to long-form copy, to print ads, to direct mail.

Ad agency folks learned the discipline of holding together all those various media with a cohesive brand strategy. You’re gonna need that.

That’s what differentiates ion Leap as a content marketing agency.

Over 20 years of ad agency experience, on everything from fork lifts, to Labatts Beer TV commercials, to Waterford Crystal print ads, to a Dun & Bradstreet software launch, to GE print ads, to national fast food franchises, and on and on. Learn more at our main content marketing agency page.

Go with a generalist like ion Leap. We’re media and technique agnostic.
We do whatever works best in your particular category, and for your unique prospects.

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