A couple weeks ago, Google gave a lot of SEO companies a major spanking. They were using content spamming companies to create junk postings with little value. Google keeps the way it judges content writing very secret, but they do drop hints. Here’s what we know:

  • They spanked users of content spamming services
  • They might have de-valued the practice of embedded links
  • They de-indexed a bunch of websites, wiping out their search ranking
  • As of this writing, Yahoo has made no such changes

The websites that remain indexed and highly ranked on a Google results page are the ones who appear to have dedicated themselves to writing good solid content.

There are many other techniques out there for cheating your way to the top of the Google search result page. Eventually, they too will be discovered and summarily spanked. But those who aren’t also writing great content and dedicating themselves to particular key phrases will not be spanked.

Do links pointing at your website still matter?

No one really knows precisely how the Google algorithm assesses websites. You can bet that some outside links are still given very high value by Google; probably too much value. But the links that point in to your website will have to be honest friends of your company, and it will help more than ever if they’re in the same business; writing about the same things.

What else is Google using to assess websites?

From what we’re seeing, the only thing that trumps your content is your website’s age and URL. You can see it on the video above that shows our ranking for the phrase “Search Marketing Solutions.” We’re #2, right behind a website called SearchMarketingSolutions (dot) com

But the main thing Google is using to assess websites is good, old-fashioned content writing. If you’ve got it, and you’re dedicated to a keyphrase, and others like your ideas enough to point links at you, then you’ll get ranked.

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