If you’ve managed to get a customer prospect to look at one of your YouTube videos, then annotations are the best way to keep them watching more of your content. Here’s why:

  • Having lots of visible content makes you look like more of an expert
  • Annotations cross-sell a luke-warm prospect with other content
  • When done well, they’re still a fresh technique for viewers
  • The alternative is a blank screen at the end, or having YouTube select the next videos they see

Doing annotations and lots of video content requires careful planning. This NJ Ad Agency can help. Click to contact us >>

Mapping out an entire set of videos and getting them inner-linked is a lot of fun, but you have to plan it out carefully. If you have multiple product lines, we’ll consider the best cross-selling opportunities; and then link those videos together. We always lead with your best offering for each target set. That way, if a video isn’t appealing to a viewer, they’ll have other options that might be.

The steps to making this work:

  1. The videos must all be created and loaded to YouTube before you can inner-link them. We recommend adding an additional graphic on the end to make the links look more professional. Allow at least 6 seconds for the viewer to click.
  2. Then you go into your YouTube “channel” and edit the annotations.
  3. Finally, drive viewers to the right one for them to begin watching. If you’ve got multiple product lines, you’ll have to consider the target audiences individually.

Getting help from an expert

At ion Leap, we take a holistic view with all your content – video, blog writing, audio interviews, print, radio, etc. When it comes to doing low-cost, yet entertaining videos, no one beats ion Leap. We’ve done award-winning commercials for less than $5,000. We’ve done YouTube videos, like the one you see above, for less than $1,000. Beyond just price, we’ve created TV and films for some of the largest brands in North America. We bring a sensibility to these videos that most agencies our size can’t touch.

Click here to contact our NJ Ad Agency for a complete TV and video sample reel.

We’d love to help you keep your YouTube viewers glued to your brand.

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