When the Internet came along, marketing directors fell in love with the metrics; and who could blame them. Finally there was a place where every dollar invested could be tracked to a sale. But there are still many marketers who get results from print.
We’re the NJ ad agency who can help you get even higher ROI on your print spending:

  1. First and most important, make it attention-getting
  2. Stop trying to close the deal in print
  3. Push the conversation to a better place – A landing page

The video on the right shows a few samples of print that had HUGE ROI

Creativity can still be the thing that gets your ad more attention. Hire an agency that can come up with great messaging that stands out but also SELLS.

If you’re trying to close the deal in your print ad, then you’re doing too much. Most customers do some research on the Internet before buying. And even if they don’t, you can build a relationship if you push them to something compelling on the Internet.

We treat almost all media as a fishing net to pull prospects into an Internet relationship. And the message isn’t “buy our product.”  It’s “come to this very cool URL to see something amazingly interesting.”  The hook is CONTENT.

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