As a New Jersey ad agency with a different background, we’ve found that competing here is quite interesting.

The NJ ad agency with a difference

My earliest experience with NJ ad agencies came when my wife wanted to get back into the industry after a 5 year hiatus with our 2 kids. She joined a small group in Morristown. That was quite a wake up call. NJ ad agencies are very different than what we were used to. At the time, I was still commuting into NYC as creative director of a mid-size (150 people) agency, working on Omnipoint, Waterford Crystal, Popeyes Chicken, and Riggs Bank. Before that, I had been at Chiat/Day in Toronto working on Labatts Beer, Nissan, and Canadian Airlines.

Being a CD in NYC was a lot of fun. But while I was jetting off to LA to produce $800,000 commercials, and editing with the very best New York City had to offer, my wife was having a very different kind of experience. Her agency was entirely focused on SALES. It was all about the income. There was no such thing as account service. Their AEs were sales-people. Their creative approach was also very NJ-centric. Not a lot of room for break-through ideas. I never quite figured out why.

At ion Leap, we find inventive ways to get huge ROI out of any campaign we’re running for our clients.

We’re local, but our methods aren’t

As you watch this section of our website grow, you’ll quickly see ion Leap rise to page 1 on a Google search for the phrase “NJ Ad Agency.” This is only one arrow in our marketing quiver. You’ll quickly pick up on the others. They include:

  • Highly effective creative
  • Inventive social media tactics
  • Web content writing that pulls in customers
  • TV, Radio, Print, Collateral, Outdoor; all invented and produced on-budget

Our background in the country’s top ad agencies makes us different. We have processes that guarantee a better result, rapid delivery, and a uniquely ambitious approach.

Learn more about the NJ ad agency with a real difference.

Contact us to learn more about ion Leap’s unique position in the NJ ad agency environment.

Watch a brief video on how one NJ ad agency approaches social media differently
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