When your blog writer sits down to write a post, are they writing for you or for themselves? Are they writing to please the fine art that they practice? Or are they writing to please the god of Commerce?

At ion Leap, our blog writers don’t aim to please their English teachers, their friends, or their critics. We aim to write blogs that please:

  • The search engines so that those searching for your product or service can find your website
  • The reader who clicks your page 1 ranking on a Google search

Getting you ranked on page 1 for a Google search is always a top priority of an ion Leap blog writer team. But it is not the top priority. The number one priority is to turn someone who is searching for you into a customer. And the way to do that is to make certain that the entire search experience is successful for your prospective customer.

When your prospective customer finds you on a page one ranking on Google, very often what they find when they click that link is a blog post. That blog post is very often not a very successful landing page.

At ion leap, our blog writers take the entire search experience into mind. Our goal is to turn a search experience into a sale. The way to do that is to focus not only on the blog posts,  but on the landing page experience, and to turn that experience into and engaging one. The landing page must be engaging in every way. It must have all sorts of media on it – video, bullet points for fast reading and comprehension, long-form copy for those who like it, and most importantly A CALL TO ACTION.

If your landing pages have all of the above, then they will have a much better chance of turning a Google search into a sale.

And it’s even more involved than that. At ion Leap, we refer to something we call The Psychology of Search.

The Psychology of Search

For each of our clients, we take into account what will motivate a sale. Some sales processes are very considered, requiring several higher-up approvals – this is very true in B2B marketing solutions.

If you’re in a commoditized category, then your prospects aren’t going to be motivated by much more than price. But if you’re in a category that has a lot of angst involved in the purchase, then your prospect can be motivated by much more than price. And that’s where persuasive marketing comes in. And that can (and should) be reflected in your website content. Your landing pages MUST be very driven by search psychology. A good blog writer will understand and deliver on that.

We’d love to assess the search needs of your company. Contact ion Leap and ask us to do a FREE assessment of how your communication should engage your prospects.

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