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This screen grab was made just minutes ago, on December 7, 2011. It paints a very interesting story for the use of social media in general and for business in specific.

Alec Baldwin was booted off a commercial flight for keeping his cell phone on to continue playing a game of Words with Friends, a scrabble-like game for mobile devices.

Baldwin began tweeting about the incident: “Flight attendant on American [Airlines] reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving.”

The airline fired back at their Facebook site
and Baldwin’s responses continued until Twitter apparently deactivated Baldwin’s account.

While I have no opinion about Mr. Baldwin, the incident is a good example of how new boundaries are being learned in the use of social media.

The rules in the world of social media are very much like they are in the real world, especially for those using social media for business. Good advice is to wait a night before sending that angry email or posting that Facebook tirade. Think before you speak. Be nice to people, even if you don’t like them. Watch what you say and who you “friend.” If you are confronted by people with anger management issues, take two steps back, speak clearly and firmly, then throw them off the plane.

This applies in the social world, just like it does in the real world. One is becoming more and more like the other. Confrontations are inevitable. Eventually, those of us using social media for business will become more selective about whom we allow into our circles.

Does social media strategy for your business include dealing with unruly “friends?”

If you’d like to discuss how to get your strategy and tactics prepared to meet the more real-world behavior that you will inevitably encounter, contact ion Leap.

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