Google+ is now available for business accounts. I’ve been dabbling with it on a personal gmail account I use since being invited into it by Mike Valentine, SEO expert. (There’s a high value embeded link for you Mike 🙂 )

blog writer gets instant results

Earlier tonight I posted a cool YouTube embeded video into a very short blog I wrote to make a point about the importance of content writing in the rapidly changing media landscape. A few minutes later, I went back into my recently opened Google+ account for my gmail-managed business email. There, on a group about Content Writing, was my blog post – just minutes later!! How cool is that? (see a grab of it above – yes I shamelessly +1’d it)

Content writing by competent blog writers (who understand the changes) will win

Attending conferences and participating in lots of online communities is more critical than ever for those trusted to write the blog content that gets companies ranked. It’s not enough to be a compelling writer. You’ve got to keep up with the rapid changes and learn to take advantage of them in inventive ways. My mind is spinning with ideas for how this can help my clients.

The blog post I put up earlier featured a great video about the rapid changes in the media landscape. There have been at least 2 others like this in the past (maybe I just like the graphics and cool music); but every time I see one of these, I’m not so much overwhelmed with the statistics, but energized by the opportunity for the content writing professionals out there and the companies who use them.

blog writerThe early bird gets the worm?

Those who staked a claim with key phrases are ahead of others who are just now getting into that game. The same might well be true for companies who get into Google+ early; those who generate social media buzz around certain topics; generally, those who take content seriously. It’s all content.

By no means am I one of those who think this is yet another “holy grail” of SEO. Much like QR codes, this will be yet another thing we all have to absorb and learn to manipulate to our advantage. But this social sharing tool is put out by the world’s largest search engine. That presents some serious opportunity as far as I’m concerned.

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