Today I spoke with 6 different prospective clients for ion Leap and told each one the same thing – don’t write a single page of content onto your website, by a blog writer or other pages, that doesn’t follow your content strategy. If you do, it’s a waste of time. The question is how many companies have a content strategy? And if you do, is it driven by your corporate marketing strategy?

Stop floundering

Having a clear content strategy keeps you from wasting time. There are four simple steps to getting a content strategy, and then executing it consistently:

1. Create a simple outline of your product / service offerings – Don’t base this just on the way you think it should be structured. Base it on the way your prospective customers search for what they need.

2. Let that guide your search for key phrases – Google provides free tools for choosing phrases based on search demand per month. Use the tools, but don’t use them blindly. Apply marketing thinking to the selection. Also, make sure you can commit to working with those phrases again and again, turning them into interesting blog postings that will be of value to your prospects. Google must see that you’re committed to particular phrases based on the number of times it’s on your website.

3. Work with key phrases your prospects are using to find companies like yours – This seems to be particularly difficult for many companies. When I look around various business websites, I can immediately tell that people still look at writing as a purely creative exercise. While blog writing for SEO purposes should be creative and fun to read, it must follow a business goal, or don’t bother. Your creative writing days were back in college. Time to get very focused.

4. Use the phrases in the way that works – If you write a blog post in a particular way, it will rank on Google and Bing. If you don’t…it won’t. Our technique of writing blog postings using key phrases is proprietary and I’ll be happy to discuss it with serious companies. Try me at the contact link above.

Getting to page 1 on SERPS doesn’t necessarily result in sales

In certain categories, getting to page 1 on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) definitely means increased sales. But in some higher-cost categories it’s far more difficult to tie a page-1 ranking to a sale.

At ion Leap, we go much further than just getting you ranked on page 1. We examine the pages that are ranking and make the necessary changes to it to ensure a lower bounce rate and cross sell other products and services. We make the offering compelling. Then, if they’re still not ready to buy, we offer the opportunity to at least let us bring them “thought leadership” content like a monthly e-newsletter.

Get ruthless

Look, getting someone to click your page 1 ranking
is no guarantee
they’ll be back. You must be compelling.
What they find when they click
that page 1 link
must have a sense of urgency to it. We can get

you to page 1. Let us go further.

The next step is to assess what’s happening on your landing pages – the pages they arrive at when they click that page one ranking we’ll get you to. Is there anything that compels them to buy your product or service? Are there relevant, short videos on those landing pages? Is there a way for them to sign up for an e-newsletter?

Why ion Leap

We bring over 25 years of marketing expertise to our integrated approach. Sometimes we recommend that our clients NOT write a blog…not use content marketing. How’s that for a statement in a blog post about blog writing??

If you’re ready to take a more marketing-driven approach to your content – to be ruthless about it – then it’s time to contact ion Leap. We’ll get you focused fast.

Blog Writer Summary:

Hire a blog writer who understands strategy

Make sure each blog is written with those phrases

You must go beyond blog writing to on-page sales

Contact ion Leap for blog writing that works

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