Social Media for BusinessAs a college student, being active on the social media landscape has almost become tantamount to having an actual social life. Admittedly, I use social media and social networking almost 24/7, minus the hours that I am asleep. My name is Brittany the Intern and I’m a social media addict. But in reality, social media is not just for staying connected to the campus social scene, it is also an essential solution for a business to connect to old, new, and potential consumers. Most businesses see that social media is for them; but, at the same time, a percentage of those businesses do not really get how to use social media. I may be fairly new to the “real world” of marketing, but I must admit that I operate on the Senior level of social media.

Your target audience, whether your target is other businesses or consumers, will not be impressed by that fact that your business has a social media presence – has a Facebook page, has a Twitter account, or has a YouTube account. Your business needs to know how to effectively use social media to encourage and engage your audience in an appropriate manner. This previous sentence holds three vital phrases that can often gage the effectiveness of social media for a business: encourage, engage, and appropriate.

Social media for business that encourages and engages

‘Engage’ can be considered the buzz word of today’s marketing world. It’s not enough for your marketing efforts to explain or promote your product. Your marketing campaigns need not push your target, be aggressive, or try to force a relationship. Instead, they should aim to create the arena for you to involve your target within your business’ environment. Your target needs to identify with your product and you’re your company. More so, they want to feel like they are an important part of the brand. Without a doubt, this extends to the marketing efforts through the social media outlets used for your business. You can find inventive (yet still appropriate) way for your business to encourage and engage through thoughtful and relevant social media promotions. An easy way to do encourage and engage is to use your business’ social media as a platform from discussion. Don’t just send your company’s messaging; listen to your costumers and converse with them. Be sociable. It is social media after all.

Social media for business that is appropriate

Don’t forget that while encouraging and engaging via your business’ social media, you still need to be true to your brand. A business must make sure that the messaging they put out on their web-based social media is consistent with the product they sell or the service you provide. An easy way to evaluate the appropriateness of your business’ social media campaigns is to see how consistent they are with your business’ environment. Just image how silly it would be to see a B2C company using social media to provide consumers with dense financial information about their industry. If I was following that business’ social media outlets, I’d quickly defriend/unfollow them immediately. Not much hurts more than the wrong message to the right audience. Imagine that same B2C company using their social media to ask consumers about their experience with the brand. A smart social media marketer would like that; and, some followers will literally like it.

So if there’s one take away from my social media insights, it’s that social media for a business should encourage, engage, and be appropriate.

With so many companies having quiet, polite conversations about their employees, the weather, etc. via social media, it won’t be too difficult to break the doors down and get seriously creative. ion Leap comes from a background of award-winning creative in all media. To us, social media is no different. In fact, we love the challenge; the instant measurement of our success.

Click here to contact us about learn how social media for your business can get creative, and have accompanying ROI.

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