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By Steve St. Clair

If you follow a proven process for ALL your content writing, your blog writing, your web postings and your entire web presence, you’ll climb the search results pages faster. But it has to be a process that works.

Herewith, search marketing solutions that work

It’s not difficult really:

  1. Choose key phrases that your prospects are entering into search engines to solve their problems, answer their questions, and find solace.
  2. Use these key phrases on your website frequently.
  3. Write really good content that your prospects want to read. Write it so well that a few other websites will point links at it.
  4. Work with other websites who cover a similar topic and ask them to point links at your website content, deep into your website, at the actual interior pages.
  5. Do this about 4 or 5 times a week with blog postings, article submissions, tweets, Facebook postings and lots more.

Search marketing success requires a marketing mindset

Aggressive marketing people find more successful solutions for search marketing. It takes a head-on approach to get your website ranked higher on Google and Bing. You have to be both patient and relentless. At ion Leap, we’re both. Our clients are amazed by how much high-value content we produce again and again, week after week. We never tire of it and we never get boring or irrelevant.

And every quarter when we present the search ranking numbers to our clients, they’re just amazed at how well they’re doing in the rankings.

Search success is only part of your marketing mix

ion Leap is a boutique marketing firm that offers an incredible array of marketing solutions; search is only part of our integrated approach to making all your marketing budget work for you.

Contact ion Leap to find out more about our traditional, digital and inventive guerilla tactics, not to mention search marketing solutions, that make your marketing have real ROI.

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