Is social media for your business taking the right tone?Once you’ve figured out your company’s identity in social media, the next step is to think through your tone of voice. This part doesn’t have to take long and it doesn’t have to make you crazy.

Choosing a tone of voice for your business in social media is easy

If you look at the personalities of the leaders in your company, it’s a pretty good bet they have many of the attributes that your current customers would attribute to your company as a whole. If their approach to business is lighthearted, then your tone in social media might be best if it’s crafter to be that way.

Your company has attracted the clients and customers you have now, in large part, because of the personalities of your leaders. That’s what tone of voice is: personality.

It’s social, it’s media and it’s for your business

Too many companies try to put huge restrictions on what can and cannot be said in social media. They think that a tone of voice must restrict whether a company can be both funny and serious in their communications. Or must it restrict their ability to be both empathetic at times and demanding at others? The answer is simple – treat your tone of voice like a human being with a personality. A human can be both funny and serious. They can be energetic some days and lazy on others. If you use the human attributes of your company – the personalities of your leadership team – then you’ll have a lot more you can say about any topic in social media.

Be sociable in this media for your business. Be real. Be inviting. Don’t try to be perfect. Think of it as a party. From time to time, you’re gonna spill something on your necktie. If you get all wigged out by that, everyone will think you’re too uptight. If you laugh it off and move on, people will think you’re more fun to be around. We all make mistakes; even in social media.

Not 20 people. Not just 1 person either

While we don’t think your business should govern your social media messaging by committee, we do thing you should designate more than one person for the job. Leaving it all in the hands of one person is simply not wise. It’s too visible and if that person has a bad day, you’ll wish you had built some checks and balances into the system.

On the other hand, I’ve been in situations where businesses attempt to be social by committee. This is nuts and will show you down to the point where you’ll basically have no voice out there; you’ll be mute or even worse – you’ll be dull.

And now, the inevitable sales pitch

Ion Leap manages social media for business communications, blog writing, website writing, on the radio, on TV, in print ads, and lots more for businesses of all sizes. If you’d like to trust your social tone of voice to a group of experts, then we just happen to have room for one or two more clients. Click here to learn more. (That link is gonna take you to our Facebook fan page ’cause…you know…we’re social like that)

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