Mobile advertising companiesOne part of the tech news on Mashable was about the rise of group texting apps. This is cool news, unless your business is completely dependent upon your website, TV commercial, or print ads to reach and interact with those who use mobile media.

If your company hasn’t figured out a mobile marketing strategy, it’s time

Sales of smart phones are outpacing that of PCs. Everything is pointing to mobile devices becoming the center of digital communications. The question is what does this mean for marketers? Ion Leap believes it means you have to begin to change the way you approach the digital world.

Most business owners think of their Internet presence as a necessary evil – something they have to do, but don’t really consider a core part of their business. If you’re a retailer, you probably think your stores are the central asset of your business. If you’re a tech company, you might think your next app is your core. We think your relationship status with your prospective and existing customers in the digital world should be considered a core asset, and to have one these days, you’d better be considering how more and more of your customers access that world – mobile.

It’s time to begin the transfer of your relationship with your customers (in part) to a mobile one to keep up with them.

Social networks made more mobile

Most of the companies I speak with still aren’t grasping the power of social marketing. Now, with the rise of group texting apps, social networks have one more way to play. How will you be invited into their network? It’s simple, you’ll have to contribute to it and make it better. And it will not be easy

Everything old is new again

Look around the web. The era of eye candy websites with cool flash design is waaay over. Websites are looking for ways to allow more interaction with customers. It’s one more sign that the hype is ending and we’re getting back to some wonderfully basic principles –

  • Hard working companies win over slick ones
  • Those who make great products are more loved
  • Word of mouth is the best advertising again
  • Customer loyalty is becoming possible again
  • Brands can once again be built based on how good they are

More pull. Less push

We used to refer to websites as a “pull” tactic. You couldn’t “push” a website at someone; they had to find it, search it out. I think anyone in the SEO world would agree that this is no longer accurate. We have all sorts of tricks to push a website to the top of the search rankings, up into your face, on page one. We can push Facebook ads at you based on your interests.

Websites, like the products and services they represent, will have to get much more creative about how they present themselves. They’ll have to try much harder to become brand destinations – I should TM that phrase – places that are so compelling that the social networks out there are compelled to spread the word about them.

But more importantly, pulling people towards a brand means brand ambassadors will have to authentically participate in the social world among peer groups. Clients have a rough time wrapping their heads around this notion. Social media now demands authenticity. If your social media presence isn’t thriving, it’s because you’re either (1) not interesting or (2) not authentic. And if you’re neither, then you can’t pull anyone towards your company.

Mobile marketing is not that difficult

The wonderful thing about mobile marketing, in fact most digital marketing, is the way you can dip your toe into the water and try it out. Setting up a quick test against one part of your target market is quite easy. The options for targeting small, tightly knit segments are growing.

If your agency doesn’t understand mobile marketing, contact us to discuss how your company can easily start to transfer your relationship with prospective customers towards a mobile, social one.

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