There’s something wonderful about the simple rewards of crafting valuable content for your website.

If you write things people value,
you will be rewarded with links pointing at your website.

If you have links pointing at your website,
the search engines will reward you with a higher ranking in the organic search results.

People will follow you on your Facebook Fan Page.

You will have friends on Twitter.

zen blog writer
Recently, we invented a very simple and addictive Facebook and blog writing idea for a famous resort in the Caribbean. It’s very visual in nature and lots of fun. All it requires is that they bring more friends who will want to participate in the fun.

In a very simple and relevant way, we added a great deal of value. The client will be rewarded with tons more followers, many of whom will give them money to visit their resort.

quiet your mind before writing your blog

Internet marketing shouldn’t focus on words.

It should be about ideas. Probably about ideas that sell things.

That’s not un-zen…selling stuff.
It is the inevitable outcome of creating wonderful things.

The Internet really is no different than the real world. If you are wonderful,
people will find their way to you.

If people aren’t finding their way to you, it’s probably because you are in your own way.
Or at least your website is.

We begin by getting your website
out of your way.

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