This is the time of year for reflection and predictions, so I can’t resist. Having been in the Internet marketing business for a long time now, we’ve seen a lot of changes in how things work and definite trends we’re watching and capitalizing on.

Blog writing and content will become more important

social media 2011The age of attempting to trick the search engines with link building spam is, hopefully, soon to wind down. When I see websites out there who have 65,000 links pointing to them (and they sell cat food), then it’s time for Google to begin to devalue this practice and begin to focus on written content. There’s no better way to handle your content than blog writing.

If you currently have a blog parked on your website, you’re part of the way towards building your content assets for search success, but it’s not enough. You must have a key phrase strategy which you incorporate very carefully into each of your blog postings. If you’re writing it carefully enough, you will be ideally positioned for SEO success in 2011. If you’re not, it’s time to call Ion Leap for advice and writing services.

Social Media will continue to rise in importance

While the pundits who predict that social media will take over everything are certainly over-reaching, they’re not wrong about its increasing importance. Perhaps the success of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon are a reaction to too much commercialism in other places on the web. People turn to groups of friends for advice, recommendations and entertainment.

We at Ion Leap think the combination of social media plus mobile delivery will point the way to the future of digital marketing; if not in 2011, then shortly thereafter. And we’re preparing all our clients to be ready for it.

One thing we’re beginning to ponder for 2011 is how to build a more effective corporate presence in the social world. We’re looking at all sorts of solutions to keeping companies relevant as everything moves more towards personalization. Can a corporate fan page on Facebook retain its relevancy. We have some very unique suggestions we’re talking to our customers about. We can’t reveal some of our techniques here, but we’d be happy to speak over the phone – (917) 676-6788.

Mobile delivery will be critical

In 2011 and onwards, mobile delivery will be more important than ever. Having a position you can occupy by using this delivery platform will be terribly important.

We’ve blogged before about the importance of positioning yourself in the growing localization movement. This is only one part of your critical mobile strategy. It’s time to start crafting your mobile content strategy; and we’re not just talking about blog writing. We’re recommending all our clients move quickly to establish a brand in mobile delivery. If you manufacture a product then you should be able to guide prospective customers to it; but there are far more lasting brand opportunities available to you.

By building your brand based on localization services with a content / context overlay, you’ll be grabbing space that others will clamor for years from now.

Begin now to set up your Internet presence so you encourage your customers to transact business with you via electronic funding. Make it simple and intuitive now, with just a few options for purchase, so your customers look to you as a leader in the mobile transaction space.

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