white hat and black hat witchesYou’ve probably heard of white hat and black hat SEO practices. Think good witch and bad witch. Blog writing that creates useful content which others want to point a link at is considered good web practice. Link farming and other techniques like it are considered bad. At ion Leap, we definitely follow white hat practices on behalf of our clients.

By following white hat practices, we’ve seen our clients take over the top 3 pages of their category for multiple key phrases. Being a nice witch really pays off. Those websites who invest now in creating solid, useful and admired content will be rewarded permanently. And once you’re occupying the top level of pages, it’s very difficult to unseat you.

blog writing is white hat

But there are many different kinds of white hats. Which kind are ion Leap blog writers?

We’d definitely never be caught in the hat on the right. However, the two others deserve some discussion.

That construction hat on the left was chosen because it represents hard, muscular work. Doing content writing for clients is very much like that. One has to know the category – especially in B2B categories. You have to be on time, use great skill in your job, and display good craftsmanship. You wear such a hat because you work in a challenging area. As writers, we’re not exposed to much more than carpal tunnel syndrome, but the job has other difficult moments – tight deadlines, an always-changing algorithm, well-funded competitors, and more.

The chef’s hat appealed to us because it represents a level of artistry which we like to maintain in what we do for clients. Think how many knives the chef is skilled at using.   ion Leap blog writers also have to be skilled in managing our clients’ social media presences. We’re skilled at writing with a variety of tones of voice. We’re brilliant in Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer. And through it all, we care greatly about our craft. We want our work to be mouth-watering.

Build long-term value on the web. Hire white hat ion Leap blog writer teams.

We’re currently helping clients in all sorts of industries. We’ll find a blog writer subject matter expert for your web presence who can be adept at all three of the hats pictured above. We’ll combine them with our in-house SEO experts to craft content that both Google and your potential customers will find delicious. Use the “Contact” link above to get in touch with us today.

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