As the recession slogs on, the effects of diminishing advertising budgets are everywhere. According to a few statistics I see, a large part of advertising funds are being diverted onto the Internet where ROI can be measured with more certainty. But where on the internet? As I tour around corporate websites, I don’t see evidence that corporate blog writers are busier. Websites look as neglected as they always have.

Your brand isn’t showing up in traditional media, so where is it?

blog writing doesn't go away in recessionsTake a ride on the New York subway these days and you’ll see the evidence of slashed advertising budgets. Last week I was riding the 7 Train up to Midtown and it looked like 3 out of 5 spaces were either empty or given over to pro-bono (free) charities. New York is the business center of the U.S. These spaces are traditionally given over to the quick hit, short copy branding messages that work in outdoor advertising. Out of home marketing is one of the best branding media there is. But there’s an inherent problem with all such media, and right now marketers are truly victimized by it…

When your campaign stops, so does your brand.

Three out of 5 marketers out there who ordinarily promote their brands on the subway aren’t doing it right now. Maybe they’ve moved to radio, there seems to be no shortage of radio spots on the stations I follow. But I’ve got a feeling they’ve just pulled back.

Our blog writer teams create lasting brands online.

As I was heading into New York and observing the dearth of branding messages, I was on my way to show a client the results of 6 months of content writing by Ion Leap blog writer teams. It was an amazing meeting. I put a piece of paper in front of them which contained 4 key phrases we’d strategically chosen to write into their content over a 4 month period. Beside each phrase was the monthly search demand; the number of requests that consumers out there had made of that exact phrase in 1 month. The total represented over 1,500,000 search requests!

Then I put another page on the table which showed where they rank on each or those phrases – page 2 or better. If our blog writer teams stop writing those phrases tomorrow, this client won’t go dark. They will still show up on page 1 for a long time to come. That’s a lasting brand.

Your brand should always stand for good information in your category.

Consumers in every category still want good information. You might argue that no one wants to read lengthy writing, but I’d argue they want to give their money to a company who is the authority in the category. Google would argue the same thing!

Not just writing – branding

Ion Leap will help you extend your brand ethos into every online and offline media. We manage social media campaigns for clients with the same strategic approach. We even do billboards and subway posters (just fewer of them these days). The key is to start with brand message management and then carry it into every place your consumer prospects might intersect with you. Those companies who decided that included only traditional media are now finding that their brand message is not intersecting with consumers in the one media they can still afford; the one media that lasts – their online content. And that is the domain of the blog writer teams of Ion Leap.

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