Google loves when websites have links pointed at them. But, of all the kinds of websites that can link to your site, Google appears to like blogs the best. I say “appears to” because no one quite knows all the details of the algorithm.

Blog writers most valued? Makes sense.

Of all the kinds of websites out there – fancy flash-laden, news sites, store fronts, etc. – the home-spun blog may be the most highly valued by Google when it comes to pointing links at other sites. So…why?

I believe the Google algorithm thinks of links as word of mouth advertising – one person recommending another. But, corporate sites aren’t one person. And they’re not unbiased. They have something to sell. Blog writers are viewed as the most pure kind of recommendation.


Blog writing is a lot like the wild west

Not easy links to get

Getting a blog writer to point a link at your website is not an easy task. It’s like the wild west in blog land. Some of these stats are from Phil Bradley’s blog

  • More than 133,000,000 blogs have been indexed by Technorati since 2002
  • 95% are not updated regularly
  • Most are put up for hobby reasons and managed sporadically
  • 70% of bloggers say that personal satisfaction is a way they measure the success of their blog
  • 72% of respondents are classified as Hobbyists, meaning that they report no income related to blogging

These statistics are an indication of how unprofessional the world of blogging is at this point, and therefore how difficult it is to get a link from a blog. (Half the time, the ones I contact don’t bother to answer their email – and I’m usually offering money). But once you get on the radar of a blog writer, it’s likely you’ll stay there a while.

Ion Leap is currently working with a very different kind of blog writer named Dee Valdez who helps gluten free products connect with consumers. She’s a committed blog writer in the areas of health and has built a network of bloggers in this area which she helps to manage. It’s this kind of professionalism that helps companies manage their relationships with blog writers who want to achieve success.

Networks are hard to find

Ion Leap specializes in creating high-value content and pointing high-value links at our customers websites. So we’re always on the lookout for good bloggers in specific subject areas. Putting together networks around subject areas makes a lot of sense, but it’s dependent upon the level of expertise of the bloggers. We’ve realized that bloggers are really missing the boat on their most valuable asset.

Bloggers don’t know their value

If the blog writer community understood the value their websites could provide to Google – and, thus, to other companies –  they’d be updating more often, linking more carefully and managing themselves as online brands.

There’s a lot to learn. After all, as the statistics show, most blog writers out there have no formal training in how to optimize their websites, or how to craft content that will please both their readers and Google. There are very few places a blog writer can go to figure it out.

Ion Leap is here to help

We’ve begun a program we’re calling Ion Leap Search Samurai. We’ll be training amateur and semi-professional blog writers and website managers to make greater use of their web presence so they can market themselves to other companies as a source of links.

Part of this program is to help these folks understand how to better optimize the content they’re placing on their websites. Stay tuned to learn more about our Search Samurai program and, if you’re a blog writer, contact us at the link above.

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