blog writer pencilsMaybe it’s all the pain and suffering that companies go through to put up their corporate website that leads them to ignore it once it’s launched.
Even those with blogs get ignored. We regularly see blogs that have been put up with a month or two of content on them, and then abandoned for months at a time.

Like your company, your website must change or die

When a competitor encroaches on your retail location, do you change anything in the way you do business there? When the economy takes off again and your business grows, will you make changes in your staffing to meet the demand? If you don’t, you’ll die.

Careful changes in the way you do business will result in higher income. The same is true online. In fact, making changes in your website content writing practically guarantees financial rewards.

Are you intersecting with your prospects changing desires?

Writing fresh content regularly is a great way to intersect with changing consumers. As you plan to launch a new product, put your content writing on your marketing schedule well in advance and let Ion Leap begin to write it early. Then, when the time is right, we’ll launch a “content bomb” that will act as a magnet for Google searches. Once that’s launched, get us busy with the next content push. Your website is never done.

Embrace a process of change

One of our clients, a maker of gluten free products, calls me every day or two with more ideas for changes on the website. We’ve managed her expectations towards this; she now knows this is the normal way a website should be handled – it’s a living, breathing organism. It is, without a doubt, the single most important part of their marketing mix.

We often recommend retainer relationships because they force our clients to embrace change; and they keep Ion Leap on our toes. We know we have to earn that retainer every single day. We literally write content for most of our clients every single day, and the retainer is a very good kick in the pants part of that process.

Another way we build in processes to ensure change is to have weekly status calls. These are very brief, but they are effective in setting expectations of the changes that will happen that very week, every week.

Another little thing we do is build change management into our invoices. At the bottom of most of them is a list of our next steps.

Still another way we ensure change is to use Google alerts and Twitter to notify us of changes affecting each category for which we write. The alerts come in and give us instant ideas for content writing which will position the company relative to the changes in the marketplace. Change. Change. Change.

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