In an earlier posting, I pointed out an article in the New York Times business section in which a company turned off it’s Google Adwords campaign, the one that shows up on the right hand side of the results pages. They only did this for a very short time but it had disastrous consequences. A blog writer team from Ion Leap could have saved them.

We know what it costs to buy certain words and some companies are spending a lot of money to stay in the game. But the problem with that approach is that they’re building no lasting presence on search pages. They’re basically buying their way to get clicks to a site that Google and Yahoo consider weak sites.

What if Google and Yahoo are right?

Think about it. The Google algorithm is designed to give the best search results to their customers. So you might want to consider how Google judges a website and whether or not you’re offering your readers a good experience. If you’re not showing up on the organic side (left side) of the first couple pages of a Google search, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re not considered a great website by Google or by your prospects. Sorry.

If your website is showing up on page 3 or later, there are really only a few reasons –
(1) You’re fighting the good fight, but for a very desirable and competitive key phrase or word.
(2) Your website offers your prospects a very thin experience and no really useful written content.
(3) Your website is relatively new compared to entrenched competitors.

What can you do?

Hire Ion Leap to assess your site and begin to create content using our blog writer teams in a way that Google and your prospects want – key phrase rich content, written to build an interest community among your target audience. Let us help to build legitimate links on other sites pointing back to yours. Let us create videos, slide shows and other useful content to increase links and enhance the user experience for your prospect groups.

It’s not easy, but the lasting nature of the resource you’ll have built will serve your business for years to come. In the end there are no shortcuts to building a valuable resource on the Internet and we’re always amazed that folks fall for the promise of instant search engine optimization. It’s never going to be possible. Google wants you to earn it.

Ion Leap is a great disciplined, process-driven way to get this done. Click the contact link above to reach us and get started building lasting value for your company.

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