Great blog writer copy is what your prospects want, but if your blog writer doesn’t speak the language of the search engines, you’ll never be found by your prospects. Enter Ion Leap.

We started Ion Leap to bring blog writer teams to companies like yours. We knew that to succeed at search, you must write lots of great content that your prospects want, but you must also write it in a way that Google, Yahoo and Bing want. The balance of the two is what our blog writer teams achieve for companies like yours.

What Google, Bing and Yahoo want.

Search engines see only code and written content. The leading search engines want your site to be easy to crawl, to be written in specific code like CSS, and to have lots of mentions of the key phrase your prospects are using in their searches.

How your blog can benefit your prospects.

This one is easy to answer. They want answers, good information nicely arranged and easy to read. This is where so many websites go horribly wrong. They’re looking for an easier way out rather than doing the very difficult work of providing relevant content to their readers. First look at the relatively new Bing search engine seems like it values content writing even more than Google. This will further bolster our argument that your Internet efforts should be led by our writing teams, following careful key phrase strategies.

Some think these two are diametrically opposed. Not Ion Leap.

If you listen to the code people, your blog writer doesn’t matter. And if you listen to your blog writer you’ll think that all that code stuff is mumbo jumbo. The truth is, they’re both very necessary and should be working together in concert to make your website rise to the top.

Ion Leap is the first company to do this.

Our blog writer teams craft wonderfully compelling copy. We write it, with code in mind, in a way that the search engines will love. All of this is over-laid with strategic expertise from years in the marketing field. The result is utterly unique. Talk to us on the phone and you’ll agree. Please use the contact link above to learn more.

How to get started with Ion Leap blog writer teams

We currently have clients from totally different categories in consumer and B2B industries. We’re working with resorts, software manufacturers, sports equipment, consumer packaged goods, retail chains, and more. So there’s every reason to believe we can help your company achieve great things. Our writer teams might use a blog to drive key phrase rich content writing onto your site, or we can use your existing page structure. The important thing is to make your website vibrant and relevant to your customers. If it becomes that, and it follows our key phrase strategy, then Google and Bing will sit up and take notice as well.

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