You’ve paid the experts. They’ve SEO’d you. And yet, you’re still not getting the free “organic” rankings on Google or Yahoo. What do you do now? If you’re like most business owners, you continue to pay hundreds a week on Google Adwords but give up on ever figuring out the voodoo of organic search.

Or you hire a company like Ion Leap, a company with a subject expert blog writer just for you who will build a community on your website by writing keyword rich copy which your target audience (and Google) will love.

I’ve looked at over 250 websites to see how many are truly search optimized. It’s only about 45%

Ion Leap will bring a subject matter expert blog writer (s) to write your blog and be your voice. This regularly changing content makes Google happy and builds your community of loyal visitors looking for information on your product category.

Why so many companies put up with lackluster results on organic search

This is not easy. I’ve found that it can take as long as 4 to 6 months to get to page 1 on Google in certain categories. It takes regular, rigorous blog postings by an expert blog writer every day or two, constant link-building, working YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. I’ve also found that most business owners expect to be on page 1 of all search results with just a few quick fixes.

And herein lays the real issue. There’s no easy way to get this done. But there is a way for you to avoid having to be the one to do it. And that’s to contact Ion Leap at the “Contact” link above. A blog writer from Ion Leap will finally get you the ranking you want on Google.

Our results

Ion Leap is a new company, but we’ve achieved page 1 search rankings for 5 clients. We will do the same for you. I’d love to talk to you about the process. Call me.

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