What ??!!?? You just finished 2009 and we’re pressing you to start on marketing for Christmas 2010 ?


Getting to page 1 on some key phrases is not easy. If you start now, you can use the time wisely to seed several key phrases by October 2010, when folks start thinking about what gifts they’re gonna buy. If you plan ahead, you can really learn from the 2009 season, plan things out, and hammer the right phrases for 2010. But the time is now. Our blog writer teams are standing by to help. Is 2010 the year your company gets really serious about search?

Read about the company mentioned in the video above…Read the full article here at The New York Times.

If only they’d hired Ion Leap and one of our blog writer teams. When they turned off their paid Google Adwords program, they still would have showed up in the free organic rankings on the left hand side of the search results.

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