A blog writer team from Ion Leap might surprise you by suggesting a totally unexpected key phrase approach. We often see companies going head to head against the most sought-after key phrases in their category. This can slow down your ascendancy to the top of the organic search results by as much as several months.

Often, our blog writer teams will suggest you chase a completely different phrase; and we’ll show you the metrics that prove such a tactic will work. If you can get 100,000 additional organic views in a month vs. 20,000 on the “golden phrase” in the same month, which would you choose?

Not all categories offer the opportunity for such tactics, but every category out there, and certainly every business, should be looking for marketing methods that are just as inventive. Ion Leap offers companies like yours one of the few reliable processes for getting this done.

A metric-driven business like ours demands very clear processes and approaches. We are obsessed with finding the most aggressive tactics that get you to the top of the search pile.

There is no repetitive formula for search success.

There are an awful lot of companies out there offering formulaic approaches that must sound very tempting to the cash-strapped business owner. But, as in all areas of life, you get what you pay for. It’s important to understand that search engines are a business, too. They must offer the very best search results to their audience. So they want you to earn your top ranking by having content on your website that has real, lasting value. There are no easy ways to achieve this.

Beyond our obsession with metrics, our blog writer teams are just as preoccupied with creating lasting, valuable content that your readers will look on as a resource. It’s not enough that you get to the top of page one. You want all that traffic to keep coming back and looking at your offerings. If you’re a retail offering, you want repeat customers. If you’re offering a more infrequently-purchased line of goods or services, you want you site to reward the customer for their purchase, and you want to offer a sense of community for them.

These goals are the job of the more artistic members of our blog writer teams. One half of our team is tactical and marketing driven. The other half is going to create content that your prospects find riveting and critical to their interest areas.

This combination is what’s helping our prospects climb the organic search rankings with such steady success. And, along the way, they’re creating a community of avid readers who value their web content and keep returning. Ion Leap blog writer teams are ready to help you do the same with key phrase tactics that might surprise you.

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