I’ve been in large businesses and small startups for the last 20-ish years, so I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. One thing I’ve seen in a lot in smaller businesses is owners who think that, because they started the company, they’re good at ever aspect of it. I believe a lot of this may be driven by trying to conserve cash. Maybe it’s because they’re unaware of how a good blog writer can raise their search ranking. But either way, if small business owners are focusing on writing their blog, they’re not as focused on their core competency.

Focus on core competency

Like many things, being a successful blog writer for SEO is a very specific set of skills. This has nothing to do with self-aggrandizement; it’s simply a fact – to be a great blog writer while still achieving top Search ranking for clients is a rare talent. If you’re running a company, even a small one, chances are you’re from a business background and have never taken the time to learn how to write for SEO. And if you’re the blog writer for your company, chances are you’re not climbing your way up the ladder to be CEO.

If you run a restaurant chain, chances are you’re a wizard at logistics and staff management. You might even have a great personality and be great in the front of the house. But none of these personality traits qualifies you for crafting your company blog, or many other marketing pieces, by the way.

Spend 80% of your time on your core competencies. Skip the rest.

It’s the old 80/20 rule. That last 20% of stuff you think you have to do is usually not worth all the pain and suffering it will take to get it done. Yet, usually, companies take a ton of time to do that last 20%. My favorite example of the last 20% is the excruciating pain companies put themselves through to publish their annual report. This is the annual ritual requiring that the most important people in the company’s executive staff take vast amounts of time away from what really creates revenue to focus on something that creates none whatsoever. Of course, legally a report must go out to shareholders, but much of it could be rehashed from last year’s version and all the angst over the cover art could be skipped altogether.

Blog writing falls into that category. At first, companies set up huge layers of approval which just bog down the blog process (maybe I’ll coin that phrase – “Blog Bog”) and result inevitably in the stagnation of the corporate blog and death of what could have been a great marketing and community building tool. Choose a blog writer outside of your company, get them up to speed, grow to trust them and then get out of their way. Ion Leap specializes in this and finds the best blog writer(s) to handle your company’s needs.

The magic ingredient in any success – stamina

This is where DIY bloggers really fail. They charge in with both guns blazing in the first few weeks, but by week 4 they get interrupted with their core accountabilities and put off a blog post. Then they put off the next. Then the blog dies and they are a blog writer no more. Inevitably their search ranking follows.

Outsourcing your blog writing to a company like Ion Leap (well, there really are no other companies like Ion Leap) means the blog will simply get written, and written well. Every couple days or every week, depending on your goals, you’ll know that truly relevant, valuable information is being put out to your prospects. And you’ll see other benefits as well.

It’s inevitable. We don’t stop at just being blog writers.

Once we’re into your business, we’re going to have other ideas as well. Our blog writer teams know your target market intimately. They’re probably already speaking to them via other blogs, books, newsletters and more. Carol O’Dell is a good example. She’s already built up a huge audience among caregivers for the aging. She has an extremely popular book on the subject and her blog is absolutely beloved by over a thousand regular readers. Imagine the cache of having such an expert in your category writing your blog. And someone who knows your target audience this well will bring you other ideas for reaching that target. Carol already is doing this on a weekly basis and the client knows how valuable this information is.

Blog writer, marketer, business partnership

Every Ion Leap blog writer will get deep into your business and begin to know the right way to match up what you do to your target audience and the target audience influencer group. We bring such information to your potential customers in ways that include blogging but can go far beyond that. We’ll bring a marketing energy to our relationship that will include value added far beyond what you’ve contracted for. Blog writing is our business, success is our passion; your success.

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