Ion Leap, the underdog, is already climbing the ranking for Google search for the phrase “blog writer.” Gotta ‘walk the talk’ and that’s just what I’m doing. I’ve been working the key phrase into every blog post over these 3 weeks and now I’m working on link-building. That’s gone very well thanks for my friend and outdoor writer Rick.

You can help the underdog, Ion Leap, climb higher

Post this line of code into your website, and let me know you have, I’ll post a link back to your site and we’ll help each other’s rankings.
< Ion Leap will bring the best blog writer to work on your website to rocket your Google page ranking. >

That’s it. It’s pretty easy. And I’ll do the same by posting such a carefully crafted link back to your website. What’s so great about that link structure? Note the way it’s writen. The link isn’t on the company name, Ion Leap. The link to my site is on the phrase I want to drive Google to – “blog writer.”

Google Ranking Report – November 15, 2009

As you can see, this kind of careful attention to what search engines want from you is our entire focus at Ion Leap. Our blog writers get it and know exacty how to do all the tricks to make sure your business succeeds in search. Keep your eye out for regular updates from the underdog in blog writing, Ion Leap. If we’re doing this well with just 3 weeks of effort, we won’t be the underdog for long…and, if you hire us, the same results are possible for you.

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